Študentski domovi za družine

Our barn is a Student dorm

Written by Mommy Ana

A common slovene expression is »Najprej štalca, pol pa kravca!«, indicating that one should build the barn first, before purchasing cows to fill it. Financial security is of course of primary concern to a young family. It’s pretty difficult these days, perhaps nearly impossible to realize this idiom, especially if you want to be a young parent. Perhaps, with a little luck, you may find an apartment with a low rent, to make it your own barn. But for us, the thought process was, why not make us of what we are offered?

We decided that we could start out family life in a student dorm. And we’ve not regretted this decision. We have everything we need here. We can definitely and conclusively state that the student dorm organization in Maribor take good care of families, they offer us the best that they have. When we were expecting the birth of Klara,IMG_20160706_122036 they offered us an apartment with a separate bedroom from the rest of the apartment. A significant upgrade on the studio apartment we had previously. We can stay here as long as one of us is still a student with an active status. A large benefit compared to a rentable apartment is also that the costs are fixed and if anything breaks down, we just call the dorm janitor to fix it for us – free of cost. They even donate new light bulbs. 🙂

These are dorms intended for couples and families, so there’s not your typical loud student atmosphere. In short, I don’t see a reason for us not to be here. The surroundings are beautiful, ideal for laying on the grass and playing with the child. Hopefully they will allow us to build some swing sets on the grass in the future. It’s also great that there’s other moms here, you can have a chat with them, exchange advice and so the time passes quicker, as you wait for your hubby to stop studying. 🙂

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