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Written by future Daddy Kristjan

We learn a lot of things throughout life and lifelong learning has become a household expression. As we grow, we learn through playing, then we attend elementary school, most continue on to highschool and later uni/faculty/college. However, we never finish learning. We keep on educating ourselves.

They do, most definitely, not teach us how to be  good parents in classic schools. But there are schools for mothers and their companions, where they prepare you for parenthood (with a focus on the early months only, sadly). Well, if we are so bold to call a few hours of classes a “school”. But we visited one with Petra.

That’s right, with all the other plethora of educations available, there’s also one for parents. You’d think that’s not something that’s necessary. But I disagree. Sure, at first I was questioning the use of the classes, but soon after the first class I realized, this IS something I require. We attended five classes and one practical lesson, together with other expecting parents. This all took place at the UKC Maribor (University Clinical Centre Maribor), and I learnt a ton of new things, things I was not aware of up to that point. But that’s only to be expected, as I’ve never had an intimate experience in my life with pregnancy or the period after it.

Amongst the abundance of information, some stood out particularly. It was pretty funny when during the first class the presenter was displaying the different techniques of breathing during delivery. She pointed out, that during practice in classes, men tend to not breathe that well (or at all 😀 ) alongside their partners. However, during delivery, men breathe alongside better than the women! We also learned a lot of useful information about the delivery process itself and the psychological preparatory aspect of it. But the most fun were the practical lessons, where a hospital nanny showed us how to take care of and handle the baby. The baby she used for this example had too much hair in her opinion for a newborn, so she insisted on covering it up with a hat!

I think these schools are useful for men, especially those who may not be aware of how important their role is in the time of pregnancy and delivery already. 🙂 A word of advice at the end. It’s a lot simpler for a male if he is married before the baby is born, as he won’t have to file out paternity paperwork.

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