Three student moms

Ana – Hailing from the Slovene region of Primorje, I fell in love with a Styrian and ended up in Maribor, the capital of Styria. Me and Klemen created a small but comfortable student nest here. I’m a 23-year old student of Primary School Teaching. I’m discovering the beauty of motherhood in my free time, making sure not to forget about my husband or my friends.

Eva – I was born in beautiful Maribor and I’m a student of the faculty of Medicine – about to graduate! I’m cheerful, always smiling and full of energy. I enjoy hanging out with friends, drinking beer (where are those times now that I’m pregnant… :D), cooking and good food, I also love nature, the mountains, all kinds of sports and music. Me and my husband David live in Ljubljana now and are trying to create an open, happy and warm household.

Petra – I was born 23 years ago in Novo mesto and I’m becoming a mother a little bit before my 24th birthday. I graduated from Computer Science and Informatics at FRI in Ljubljana and now I’m in the 2nd year of my Masters at FERI in Maribor. Me and my husband Kristjan live in this here old Maribor, living the student life vida loca, studying, being lazy, doing homework for college, hanging with friends, having fun, working and carrying a new life under my heart.


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